Merino Design is a multi-disciplinary team where architects, designers and engineers work together to create unique design and refit solutions for our clients. 


Quality, experience, high technology, meticulous design, overcoming, imagination, highest guarantee and functional qualities are some of the elements that distinguish the design process of MD's team.  

We provide a complete package of vessel design process, offering from conception throughout to completion, backed up by a management team with over 25 years experience.

Panama shipyard

Lara Merino is currently taking the lead in the studio following Fernando Merino's steps after his 25 year experience in the business. 

With an Architecture Degree, Lara stepped in the naval industry in 2012.

After working several years in cruise ships she enrolled as a student in the Master in Yacht Design in Milan, Italy; only to enhance her passion for the yachting world. 

Since then the main projects undertaken by the studio have been private yacht refits, yacht supplies and residential design projects.

Since 2019 the studio is expanding to a second office in Valencia, Spain.